Keto Social: Dealing With Social Situations on the Ketogenic Diet


If willpower and the possibility of the “keto flu” aren’t already tough enough, the greatest obstacle in the early stages of the ketogentic diet will be social.

Using the online Reddit community, as mentioned above, one user outlined the biggest struggle with the ketogenic diet:

“My biggest struggle is when I’m out with friends especially if they are cooking something carby! What are your strategies to avoid temptation and avoid hurting someone’s feelings if they cook something for you that isn’t keto friendly?”

Two of the top responses to this question cater around the idea that you can tell your friends about your diet or save up your carbs for the meal. Either can be a slippery slope to breaking ketosis, but once you’re a regular fat-burner, it also won’t be as difficult to get back into ketosis.

A top response to the question read:

“At the meal, I make the best choices I can. The last meal I had like this was beef stew served over pasta with cheese bread and a kale caesar salad. Obviously I can pass on the pasta and bread. There were croutons in the salad, so I ate around them. There was probably sugar and tomato in the stew, so I just enjoyed it knowing I made the best choice I could while still honoring my friend’s cooking.”

This Reddit user also noted that while they would never ask to have their friends plan the meal around them, they could make their own adjustments during the feast. In addition, the person was back in ketosis the following day.

Another response read,

“I tell my friends about how I eat, and I tell them that they don’t have to cater to me, but that I might not eat everything they offer.” This cuts out the social obligations before they even arise.

At restaurants, on the other hand, sometimes you’ll be stuck with salad options, but most will cater to your needs if you’re willing to order off menu.

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At a Mexican or Japanese restaurant, for example, substitute rice for additional veggies like peppers and onions. More and more burger joints or taco stands are also offering bun-less options like naked burgers or naked wraps. If you’re looking for keto fast food restaurant options check out our breakdown of how to order Keto at 10 of America’s top fast food chains

keto social
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Support From the Keto Community

The ketogenic lifestyle is more than a diet. With an online community, both in the form of social media (Facebook, Reddit, Instagram) and literature (Ketogenic books on Amazon), there’s no reason to ever feel alone on the diet.

These websites, platforms, and resources will help you find accountability and support. Online, thousands (if not millions) of people are sharing their success stories from using the ketogenic diet. In the information age we live in today, there are countless ways to find support, more information, and advice.

Some popular books on Amazon include:

There are also websites like Stickk, which lifestyle design guru Tim Ferriss highly recommends. On Stickk, you select a goal, set the stakes, get a referee, and add other friends for support.

Ferriss writes:

“Stickk was founded on the principle that creating incentives and assigning accountability are the two most important keys to achieving a goal. Co-founder Dean Karlan, an economics professor at Yale, came up with the idea of opening an online “Commitment Store,” which eventually became stickk. If you don’t fulfill your commitment with stickk, it automatically tells your friends and opens you up to endless mockery and derision…”

In the end, the best bet is to always stick to your guns on this diet, but don’t beat yourself up if you slip. It’s a lifestyle, not a fad.

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