The Best Keto Products, Ingredients, Supplements & More

The ketogenic diet is a lifestyle, but without the proper tools and supplies, it can fall apart. The following keto products list will give you links to ingredients, tools, snacks, resources, recipes, blogs, supplements, gear, apps, and much more to help you in this very un-ketogenic world.

Let’s get started!


Long-Lasting Keto Ingredients

Keto Products
Keto Products – Whole Bean Coffee

On the ketogenic diet, you’re rebuilding your body and that requires using the right tools or equipment. These items will help you stick to the diet in the beginning, which has been known to be the hardest time.

For a general playbook, benefits guide, and meal plan for two of grocery ingredients, make sure to visit our “30-Day Playbook” to learn more.


Top Keto Supplements

If you’ve done all of your research on the foods and ingredient staples of the ketogenic diet, it’s time to look at the supplements that will help protect your body for long-term performance and growth.

  • 7 Keto DHEA (natural metabolism booster for fat loss)
  • Fish Oil (natural anti-inflammatory to boost keto diet)
  • Creatine (helps build mean muscle mass, weight loss)
  • L-Glutamine (prevents radical damage from workouts, boosts immunity)
  • Vitamin-D (improves immune system support)

Bonus Ingredients for Mental Clarity

Read these reviews for yourself on Amazon, but these items are recommended to advance mental focus and clarity, especially while on the ketogenic diet:


Keto Kitchen Necessities

Keto Products
Keto Products – Fireside Iron Skillet

Depending on your level of experience in the kitchen, some of these items are meant to make life easier while others are meant to spice up your culinary skills. The goal, as always, is to stick with ketogenic whether you’re making bulletproof coffee, spiraling zucchini, or baking some egg and ham bites in a muffin tray.

For a general playbook, benefits guide, and meal plan for two, make sure to visit our “30-Day Playbook” to learn more.


Keto Snacks

Keto Products - Camping and eating Keto Beef Jerkey and Dried Meat
Keto Products – Beef Jerky

The quickest way to drop out of ketosis is to break the diet while traveling. In order to avoid this pitfall, make sure to keep a steady supply of ketogenic treats on deck, but make not to eat too many as they all have a few carbs despite being keto-friendly in nature.

For more snack ideas, make sure to read our camping guide, “Keto in the Wild.”


Top Keto Books

Keto Products
Reading Keto

With every great lifestyle change comes information and inspiration. These resources come in the form of cookbooks, recipe books, and resource books so you can learn more about the ketogenic movement.

While waiting on your Amazon books to arrive, go ahead and check out these websites for some quick ketogenic recipes.


Top Online Keto Recipe Sites

Keto Products
Keto Products – Fresh Vegetables

All of these sites have top recipes and resources for all things keto:

Dr. Axe Ketogenic Recipes

Some of these treats from Dr. Axe include avocado and eggs fat bombs, keto bread, cauliflower crusted grilled cheese, chicken pad Thai, chocolate fat bombs, coconut oil mayonnaise, jalapeno cheddar burger, keto oatmeal, and chicken-spinach pizza.

Ruled Ketogenic Recipes

Some of these bites include fiesta slaw with avocado lime dressing, crispy zucchini nests, artichoke stuffed portabella mushroom, twice baked potato style zucchini, Brussels sprouts with melted leeks, and cauliflower mac and cheese.

Diet Doctor Ketogenic Recipes

The doctor is in and some of recommended recipes include low-carb pancakes, coconut porridge, scrambled eggs, no bread breakfast sandwich, western omelet, fried cabbage, fat head pizza, creamy chicken casserole, and salmon pie.

KetoDiet Blog

This blog begins with a focus on 20-minute meals so they’re both quick and tasty. Some recipes include rainbow chard and sausage hash, maple sage breakfast sausage, quick pesto mug muffin, prosciutto wrapped mozzarella, yellow cauliflower couscous, and turkey vegetable pesto Bolognese, among others.

Pinterest Ketogenic Recipes

Finally, for a gigantic, ongoing collection of ketogenic recipes, make sure to simply visit Pinterest or download the app. A quick scroll will reveal things like keto peanut butter cookies, loaded cauliflower, low-carb cashew chicken, fat bomb recipes, creamy bacon mushroom thyme chicken, and buffalo chicken meatballs.


Keto Exercise Gear

Keto Products
Hitting the Gym

While most of your gear for the ketogenic diet and workouts are going to come from the gym, there are also some home exercises and gym add-ons to make sure you have everything you need to workout.

More for the Home Gym

No matter what, make sure to be careful in the gym or home gym.


Mobile Apps For Tracking Keto

Mobile Keto

There are several apps on your mobile device to help you better track your ketogenic diet and your macros. Some are free while others cost a few dollars. There are also generic apps that track diet but not specifically ketogenic.

Simply search “ketogenic” on your iPhone or Android to find the following:

  • Keto Diet Tracker
  • Ketogenic Diet App for Weight Loss
  • Ketogenic Diet Plan
  • Low Carb Diet Tracker PRO ($2.99)
  • Stupid Simple Keto
  • My Fitness Pal

Any of these apps will work as far as tracking your daily intake, but it’s often best to stick to the same meals as often as possible so you may not need to track daily once you get the basics of your meal plan.

On the other hand, if you think you’re sticking to ketosis but your ketones aren’t showing up on tests or you’re weight loss has slowed down, it’s possible there are some hidden carbs in your diet and these apps will help you eliminate those as what gets measured gets managed.


The Best Keto Products – Conclusion

Hopefully this brief guide will help you stock your ketogenic pantry and better understand how to take that mindset with you on the road or in the gym. When in doubt, track your meals and always try to stay one step ahead to avoid any carb-heavy situations where ketogenic options are limited.


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