10 Awesome Benefits Of The Keto Diet


Within the first 30 days of the ketogenic diet, there are several benefits you will likely experience with this lifestyle change. Unlike many fad diets on television today, the ketogenic diet can truly be life altering.

Some benefits of the keto diet include:

1. No more sugar cravings

You can have better control of your eating habits while also not feeling that “sugar crash” late in the day.

2. No more hunger pains

Unlike calorie-counting or other time-consuming diets that require a calculator, the ketogenic diet eradicates hunger pains that come from typical carb-fueled diets where you to eat six times per day.

3. Lower blood pressure

Low-carb diets reduce blood pressure and people on blood pressure medications can sometimes lower or stop taking their meds.

4. Lower cholesterol

Since cholesterol comes from excess glucose, cutting sugary foods will lower problems from typical diets.

5. Lower triglycerides

Eating carbohydrates is directly connected to triglyceride levels and higher ratios of triglycerides can actually indicate a higher risk of heart attack.

Benefits Of The Keto Diet
Meat – Photo Credit, UnSplash
Benefits Of The Keto Diet
Fish – Photo Credit, UnSplash
Benefits Of The Keto Diet
Vegetables – Photo Credit, UnSplash

6. Decreased stiffness, or joint pains 

Perhaps one of the best benefits of the ketogenic diet will be a decrease in chronic illness, stiffness, or joint pains.

7. Decreased fogginess

High carb diets often cause a “fogginess” between or during carb overloads. Eating more fat and less carbs clears the fog.

8. Increased HDL cholesterol

Essentially, the more saturated fat in your diet (i.e. high quality butter, animal fats, fatty red meat, and cheeses), the higher your HDL cholesterol, which means a healthier heart.

9. Increased energy

Chronic fatigue symptoms will improve on a ketogenic diet and many who practice are surprised at how their energy levels improve.

10. Weight loss

If the above side effect improvements aren’t enough, the weight loss should entice just about anyone tired of their excess “wheat belly.” The ketogenic diet can normalize your waistline and improve your health.

There are many benefits to the ketogenic diet, which include weight normalization, improved health, and a clear mindset.

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